Do you need a Wedding Videographer?

Waiting for your wedding day to arrive may feel like an eternity, but once it does, it can go by in a flash. Small moments on your big day are ones you'll want to remember for a lifetime, but they're easy to forget or even miss in the haze of a hectic and emotionally charged day. 

Hiring a wedding videographer is one way to capture and preserve those fleeting moments at your wedding. Here I will talk about why you need a wedding videographer as well as a photographer on your wedding day.

Is Wedding Videography worth the cost?

Wedding videography is certainly worth the cost if you have room in your budget and you're interested in seeing your wedding day as your guests did. In this post we will tell you all the reasons as to why hiring a wedding videographer is totally worth it as well as tackling common concerns.

Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer

is essential to your Wedding Day.

  1. You will be able to show future generations a piece of family history
  2. You will see all the stuff you missed on your wedding day
  3. Photos are brilliant, but different
  4. Your wedding videographer will capture movement and sound
  5. People who don’t get a wedding film often regret it
  6. No regrets!

You will be able to show future generations a piece of family history

An important reason to hire a wedding videographer is to preserve an unforgettable moment in your life that you can share with your family and friends. It will be amazing to view your wedding film years later to observe how people have changed, whether you're inviting grandparents, aunts, uncles, children, teenagers, or newborns to your wedding.

You will see all the stuff you missed on your wedding day

Weddings are a whirlwind of joy and excitement. The majority of couples are taken aback by how quickly their wedding day passes. Months, if not years, of preparation have passed in the blink of an eye.

Having a wedding videographer on hand will ensure that you don't miss anything; whether it's the moment you say your vows or your Grandma busting her moves in the middle of the dance floor, we'll try our best to capture it on film.

Would you want to miss out on these little moments? This is why having a wedding videographer is an essential supplier to your big day. Consider all of the amazing moments you might have missed out on.

Photos are brilliant, but different

Photographers capture everything in one frame that expresses everything about that moment, as well as nail exposure, etc., in a split second. As a result, your images will look like the nicest freeze frames you've ever seen. 

To repeat your day, a video will weave together several aspects, including audio and music. A wedding videographer's responsibility is to make sure that they help communicate your unique story. 

We offer combined wedding videography and photography packages, to cater both aspects of capturing your special day, you can check them out here!

Your wedding videographer will capture movement and sound

Wedding videography captures both movement and sound, whereas still images record a single point in time. You will be able to hear your spouse gasp during your first look, your father's toast, and your mum's laughter if you have a wedding film.

You'll be able to see your first kiss, first dance, and your family's incredible dance moves! Moments that will be funny to watch back generations down the line.

People who don’t get a wedding film often regret it

When you're busy planning your wedding day, you may consider the day as the culmination of your efforts. People who are wedding planning rarely consider how they will feel the day after the wedding, or the week or month after that, when the dust has settled and you are blissfully married.

Will you be experiencing post-wedding blues? Will you wish you could relive that incredible speech? Or hear your vows to each other again? A brides' biggest regret is reportedly not hiring a wedding videographer.

No regrets!

Last but not least, you will have no regrets!  You don't want to wake up the morning after your wedding and realise you wish you had booked a wedding videographer!

If you're thinking about hiring a certain supplier, it's usually a good idea to evaluate all of your options while you're planning. This is the most important reason for hiring a wedding videographer for your big day!

Common Complaints about Hiring a Wedding Videographer

There are a variety of reasons why some couples are concerned whether to hire a wedding videographer, from the bride being too nervous to be on camera to the videographer being a distraction. We're going to address these issues here…

  1. You can’t Hang a Video on a Wall
  2. Having a Videographer and a Photographer may be a Distraction
  3. You may not be able to afford to hire a Videographer and a Photographer

You can’t Hang a Video on a Wall

A film cannot be hung on a wall, which is why a photographer is often favoured by couples on their wedding day. However, we believe that photographing and filming memories is equally important, which is why we offer combined wedding videography and photography packages.

Everyone knows what to expect from a photographer: the bride going down the aisle, capturing the first kiss during the ceremony, all of those gorgeous family photographs, the cutting of the cake, and that lovely portrait of you and your partner hanging on the wall.

Many couples are unclear of what to expect or even require from their videographer when it comes to filming, which is a blessing in many ways since it allows us to capture all of those authentic, spontaneous moments that you might miss when having images shot with the photographer!

Having a Videographer and a Photographer may be a Distraction

Couples may have genuine concerns about having both wedding videographers and photographers at their wedding: they may be having an intimate wedding day with only close family and friends, they may be shy in front of the camera, or they may be concerned that the setting they have thoroughly planned will be turned into a movie set.

We adopt a very natural approach to videography, and we will blend in so well that you won't even notice we are there!

You may not be able to afford to hire a Videographer and a Photographer

This is why we provide our combined wedding videography and photography packages: we consider our couples' best interests and provide high-quality content of their wedding day.

We urge our potential clients to assess the suppliers they are considering for their wedding day, given that 98% of couples regret not having a video: do you need that extra tier on the cake, those chair covers, a live band and DJ, a free bar, and so on?

Though we're convinced that each of these on-the-day services brings something special to your wedding day, none of them will stand the test of time, and you will be able to look back on your photos and videos for decades.

Why you should hire both a Videographer and a Photographer

In terms of style, look, feel, and atmosphere, our images and videos are a wonderful complement. When booking two distinct businesses, this is frequently not possible. Each team of independent photographers and videographers will shoot and edit in their unique style.

Couples may end up with distinctly different finished products as a result of this. The final film and images should ultimately tell the tale of your wedding day. The story can become a little hazy if your wedding images have a completely different tone than your wedding film - this is why we offer our combined packages, so you do not have to worry.

Conclusion - If you want to book a Videographer and Photographer for your Wedding 

If you are ready to capture your wedding day to the fullest so you get to keep those incredible memories forever then a wedding videographer may be what you need for your wedding day.

You can inquire about our packages here and we can have an informal chat! We love meeting fun new couples.