Wedding Photographer Essex

At E.M.C. we pride ourselves on offering the very best opportunities to preserving your wedding memories and are delighted to offer both wedding photography & wedding videography. Through my collaboration with Terry James Photography, who is a wedding photographer in Essex, I am delighted to offer unobtrusive & natural wedding photography, where you can just relax and totally enjoy your wedding day without fear of being asked to do any awkward posing, cheesy grins, or even any formal group shots if that's your preference.

Not only that, but one of Terry's (or Tel, as he prefers to be called) unique selling points is that he believes that weddings deserve to be documented in all it's glory and that means he offers unlimited hours, so you can be sure that all the fun of the evening partying gets photographed. Brides & grooms want to see their family & friends enjoying their day too, so special focus is reserved for these guys. See some of Terry's work below to get a feel of his style.

How Much Does The Wedding Photography Cost?